September 4, 2007

What Information We Gather and Track on Buyers

The information we request on the Buyer Registration Form is the needed contact information, the type of practice and location desired, the best time to be contacted, amounts of funds available for a purchase and any comments which might be offered. If a Buyer wishes to access the Prospectus on any of our Current Listings or receive our emails notifying a Buyer of practice opportunities, we require this information for our records.

As a Buyer, you shall decide whether to proceed with any activity that requests personal information. If you do not wish to provide the requested information, you will not be able to access the detailed Prospectus on any of the Current Listings posted on this website. You can still obtain this information by simply phoning PPS of The Great West at 415-899-8580.

What Information We Gather on Sellers

The information we request on a Accountant registering as a Seller to discuss the sale of their practice is that information which allows us to make the appropriate contact which is name, home mailing address, home phone number, cell phone number and email address. We also request the type of practice owned, how long the practice has been established, gross revenue, Owner's compensation, reason for selling and any comments which might be offered.

The information requested on the Seller/Contact Me Form is never shared outside of PPS of The Great West. The information provided along with subsequent contacts and discussions with a Seller is held in complete confidence. Further, by completing the Seller/Contact Me Form you will be able to view the Prospectuses under Current Listings from our website.

How We Use the Information We Gather and Track

We use Buyer/Seller contact information in the following ways:

  • To provide Buyers with easily accessible information regarding those accounting practices listed for sale with PPS of The Great West.

  • To provide Buyers with timely emails informing them of accounting practice opportunities being made available through PPS of The Great West.

  • To provide Buyers and Sellers with topical information concerning the marketplace which would be relevant if they are considering either the purchase or sale of an accounting practice.

  • To assist our Clients in realizing the desired sale of their accounting practices in a timely and efficient manner.

No-Sell Policy

It is our policy not to sell any personal information to anyone, period.

Only Time Personal Information is Provided Outside of PPS of The Great West

All of our Sellers have entered into listing contracts with PPS of The Great West. As a function of this agency relationship with our Clients (i.e. Sellers), we will provide our Clients the names and cities of those parties who have requested information on their practice, and if so requested by our Client. We shall never provide anyone's phone numbers, mailing address, email address, etc. to our Clients. Further, upon the termination of a listing contract with a Client, and in the event PPS of The Great West was not successful in realizing the sale of the practice, we shall provide the Client with a list stating only the names and cities of those parties who obtained information on the Client's practice. This is similar to that practice followed in the business of selling real estate.


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Web Site Traffic

PPS of The Great West may track names, IP addresses and browser types from people who visit our site. We use this information to track aggregate traffic patterns throughout this web site.

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